Typical day at the Office

Oh my gosh.

My boss is such an idiot.

While I was pretending to work on my orders for the company, I was actually browsing through the web for inspiring artworks for my next project. I found this amazing piece by Raphael, entitled “Albo Madonna” and was reveling at the 16th century masterpiece of colour, perception, and detail when my boss came over and thought I was looking at adult photos.

Raphael (Marchigian, 1483 – 1520), The Alba Madonna, c. 1510, oil on panel transferred to canvas, Andrew W. Mellon Collection 1937.1.24

Look. Does this resemble anything like that? I guess the nude children may be sketchy at an office, but that’s classic art!

Anyway, I got called into the office and got reprimanded. Perhaps he was unhappy that I have other hobbies besides working as a paper company salesman. Well… guess what, Michael, I do have. 

Anyway, Paul Tramore signing off; I’ll be sure to report on more happenings at the office!